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Vapour Phase Inhibitors

Information About Vapour Phase Inhibitors

Vapour Phase Inhibitors. For the present we will list one of our products (TEA-C50 attached). As a heading;

“Vapour Phase Inhibitors (VPI or VCI) prevent corrosion in an enclosed space by emitting a vapour which forms a protective monomolecular film on the surface of metals.

Advantages over traditional anti-corrosive coatings;

The vapour can reach areas not accessible to normal spray or dip application of anti-corrosive coating liquids.
When removed from the enclosed space the dry items can be assembled, coated, treated, machined or handled without the expense and difficulty of removing traditional coatings.

The VPI is ash-less and so can be added to a small amount of fuel in an empty metal tank before closing for storage. The VPI will simply burn off when the tank is next used.”

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