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Additive Packages

Information About Additive Packages

Packages are fully formulated additives which are modified by blending with oil or solvent to make complete high performance anti-corrosive coatings or are emulsified or dissolved completely in water to provide protection in aqueous systems.

Other additive packages may be available on request.

Barium Based Packages

These are high performance packages having excellent all round ability.

Hypax Ba 137

Hypax Ba 137 is an advanced package based on Barium soaps of oxidised wax and oxidised oil with other corrosion inhibitors. This can be blended with solvent and oil in varying proportions to give anti-corrosive coatings with excellent humidity and salt spray resistance.

Hypax 2180 BSB

Hypax 2180 BSB is an excellent package which is supplied as a viscous liquid, allowing for subsequent blending with oil or solvent when melting equipment is unavailable or not convenient for the formulator.

Hypax Ba 137 Hypax 2180 BSB
Precursor Hypax 450 Oxidate Hypax 450 HE
Appearance Waxy Solid Viscous Liquid
Acid Number < 6 < 6
Sap. Number 50 35
Melt Point °C 38 28

Click here to download datasheet for Hypax 2180 BSB

Calcium Based Packages

Calcium packages are supplied when barium based packages are unacceptable but a high performance is still required.

Hypax 7204

Hypax 7204 is based on calcium soaps of oxidised wax along with calcium sulphonate. In combination with oil and/or solvent these give excellent anticorrosive performance along with dewatering properties.

Hypax 193

Hypax 193 is a sophisticated blend of oxidate calcium soaps, sulphonates selected waxes and polybutenes. When diluted with oil and solvent the preparations have exceptional water resistance along with flexibility and good adhesion at extremely low temperatures.

Hypax 7204 Hypax 193
Precursor Hypax 450 Oxidate Hypax 690 Hp Oxidate
Appearance Dark Wax Grease
Melt Point °C 50 32

Click here to download datasheet for Hypax 7204

Acid Fume Resistant Package

Acid fume resistant packages are useful in places like pickling shops.

Hypax 1230 AR

Hypax 1230 AR is blended with oil / solvent to produce high efficiency coatings which also are acid fume resistant.

Hypax 1230 AR
Appearance Dark Wax
Melt Point °C 42
Acid Number 56
Sap. Number 70

Click here to download datasheet for Hypax 1230 AR

Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Package (VCI)

Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors are used to protect packaged metal objects when recesses, cavities and crevices cannot be coated adequately by other means.

Hypax TEA-C50

Hypax TEA-C60 is blended with 2 parts oil to produce a corrosion inhibitor which gives both contact and vapour phase corrosion inhibition for ferrous and yellow metals.

Hypax TEA-C50
Appearance Viscous Oil

Water Based Packages

Water based packages are used to blend with water to make emulsions which provide short term easily water removal coatings.

Hypax SD 40/Hypax SD 80

Hypax SD 40 and SD 80 are sodium soaps of oxidised wax (40% or 80% active) and are blended with water and glycols to make tyre lubricants and concrete mould release agents.

Hypax TEA 60

Hypax TEA 60 is based on amine and sodium salts of oxidised wax and is readily blended into warm water to make stable corrosion inhibiting emulsions.

Hypax SD 40 (80) Hypax TEA 60
Appearance Cream Emulsion Brown Wax
Melting Point (Dry Film) °C 115 42

Click here to download datasheet for Hypax SD 40

Click here to download datasheet for Hypax SD 80

Fully Water Soluble Package

Fully water soluble corrosion prevention packages are used to protect equipment which is in contact with water used for leak detection, pressure testing, cutting fluids etc.

Hypax Solcor

Hypax Solcor is based on dicarboxylic acid salts and is used as a nitrite free inhibitor in aqueous systems to prevent corrosion.

Hypax Solcor
Appearance Water White Liquid
Relative Density @ 15.5 °C 1.15

Alternative anti-corrosive packages may be available on request.